Lead Instructor

Mike Agoff (right side of  picture) Grandmaster Ji Han Jae Hapkido Logo

  • 6th degree Black Belt Hapkido Instructor under Grandmaster Ji Han Jae
  • Certified Jeet Do concepts and Filipino Martial Arts Instructor 
  • 5th degree black Belt Instructor of Korean Karate (Tang Soo Do)
  • Former wrestling coach
  • Certified Defense Tactics and Impact Weapons Instructor for law enforcement
  • Current or Former instructor for members of the DEA, FBI, Secret Service, US State Department, and numerous state and local agencies
  • Police officer for ten years with a metropolitan police force
  • Firearms instructor
  • Pressure point control techniques instructor
  • Physical fitness advisor
  • Graduate of State of California Dignitary Protection Program
  • Current Police Academy Instructor