What does the martial art Hapkido consist of?

It is a Korean Martial Art that contains no forms (katas).  Instead, it stresses actual street applications.  Hapkido is a complete martial art consisting of high and low kicks, punches, throws, joint locks, ground grappling, pressure point techniques, and weapons training.  Hapkido uses the best, most effective techniques from all the other martial arts, refining them into one fluid form of its own.

What will the student gain by studying Hapkido?

The student will learn the most complete and effective martial arts and self defense systems.  He/she will increase the strength of both mind and body and will be able to attain higher levels of physical fitness while developing self confidence that will carry forward into every aspect of their daily life.

Is Hapkido for everyone?

Yes!  Hapkido takes commitment, willingness to succeed, and a lot of hard work; but with a good attitude anyone can do it.